4: The Sphere Itself

Another star fell, much smaller this time. It left behind a little trail of its trajectory as it came down into the Obsidian Fields. He noticed a smell. The loveliest scent he had ever felt. It gave him the faintest of euphoria, and at once he craved more. His life forever changed into a hunt for that feeling. For good and for worse. He sniffed the air, trying to locate the source of the fragrance. When he caught wind of its direction, he walked for two moons. With every step he took, he shaved off pieces from his feet against the glass and left them behind in his footsteps. From a million footsteps, he fell into a billion pieces. Yet he continued, balancing on the bared joints of his ankles. His euphoria grew stronger with every jarring day. He howled at the moon in ecstasy. Cried in delight. His member hardened with every sniff. Rigid it pointed toward his destiny. Then he found it.

Cradled in its crater bolstered with obsidian it lay cold and black, a sphere, almost indistinguishable from the surrounding glass. The shards cracked and crunched under his weight as he stepped into the crater, toward the object of his dreams. He took a couple of steps before he fell and skidded down the slope. Beside the Sphere, he lay bleeding from a thousand wounds, just out of reach. He rolled onto his belly and crawled on hands and knees the last bit, reached for it. Drooling. When his fingers touched its surface, he ejaculated, and as soon as it stopped, it began again. He spewed and moaned and rolled onto his back still erupting. The white torrent of seed spurted out and rained over his bloody body. Like a river of milk, it ran between the obsidian shards before soaking into the dead ground.

I’m pleased to see that you’ve come back, The Woman in White said as she emerged from the shadow cast by the Vessel. Have you found what you’re searching for?

Yes, He said, The Sphere.

A sphere? She said smiling. There’re many spheres in this world. Could you please specify what sphere you would like to know more about?

The Sphere, He said again.

The Chronicler Sphere? She asked tilting her head.

That might be.

Last I heard, it’s still in the glass fields. As it has been since it came down.

Came down, is it extraterrestrial?

No. Not really. It was brought down from orbit.

By who?

God, of course.

What god?

The one true god. There’s only one god. The rest are demigods created by it.

This Sphere. Where does it come from and what does it do?

I can’t tell you where it’s from. If I may ask, how do you know about its existence?

You can’t tell me, or you don’t want to tell me? I heard about it from a friend.

I can’t tell you because I don’t know. I assure you that I can’t lie. It’s not in my nature. You must’ve very knowledgeable friends. If possible, I would very much like to see it, the Sphere.

Go ahead, He said and held it before her.

May I touch it? She said tugging at her braid.


She reached out but hesitated and said, Are you sure?

Go ahead.

She caressed its surface and looked up at him and said smiling, This object will come to save or destroy the world. Be careful who you tell about it.

I will.

With time, he learned to stay away from them, the humans, and they learned to see him as a beast. As the monster he became. He could nothing do but watch them be born and die. Again and again. Thousands upon thousands of naked men, women, and children met their fate in the Obsidian Fields as he watched.