I saw the end of the old eon. I saw humanity unite as one race, with one tongue, under one rule. Together, they stormed the gates of paradise and killed the gods of old, transcended and became like the highest themselves. They used their newfound knowledge to create an ultimate deity for worship in their […]

A pyramid of beige flesh oversaw the crater. It was his feeble attempt at building a shelter against the storms of shards. The dead piled on top of each other were the building blocks fused by the mortar of his frozen excrement. With great care, he had situated them with their faces against each other […]

His first exhale made a cloud in the cold air. The glass cracked under his naked body as he rolled onto his side. Blood trickled from hundreds of cuts on his back and mixed with the black shards. Around him lay bodies of naked women, men, and children frozen in time. He curled into a […]

Another day had ended. The fire smoldered like the sunset. He sat under a tree and cooked a fish over the hot embers. Its pale snakelike body was covered in spines sharp as needles. He listened to the many different calls of birds being absorbed by the soft ground. There were coos. There were chirps. […]

The failure rekindled an ember of lost hope in his heart. Wherever he walked, his eyes looked for tracks, footprints, anything. His ears listened as if every rustle in the leaves or creaking branch could be his salvation. It never was. He traveled north until he reached the perpetual winter. Years were wasted in his […]

There was a light in the forest far below. It flickered like fire and seemed to emit smoke barely distinguishable against the dark backdrop. He froze with the skewered piece of centipede in front of his opened mouth. It emitted a white nimbus in the cold air. He watched the light as his heart became […]

He woke to the buzzing of the fireflies dancing around him and the peculiar sensation of the fishes eating the flesh of his toes. With his eyes wide open, he sat up in a violent jerk and the beings scattered in water and air. His legs were in the lake with ice frozen around them. […]

His restlessness urged him to discover more of the world. He went to the misty forests in the east and saw the giant trees stretch toward the clouds. Then he went south to where the sea of sand met the ocean. He pushed northward in the direction of the black mountain again. The splinter in […]

All he saw when he opened his eyes was a bright light. He closed them again. When he opened them the second time, he saw the oak’s green leaves above. He heard birds chirping. There were few clouds in the sky that was blue like the depths of pure ice. Flowers surrounded him and engulfed […]

He sat atop a grassy hill and watched the winds pull at the treetops of the autumn forest. Like yellow waves, they rolled against the lake of his inception and collided with those of the water. He rested his back against an old oak tree. It had few leaves left on its branches that were […]

Over his emaciated body, he wore the worm-eaten hide of some animal found dead. His long brown hair was tangled. The bottom of his feet had turned into thick soles of leather from walking on sticks and stones. His face was dirty, and his beard had grown down onto his heaving chest. He leaned against […]