At the end of the old eon, humanity united as one race, with one tongue, under one rule. Together they stormed the gates of paradise and killed the gods of old and transcended and became as the highest themselves. They used their newfound knowledge to create an ultimate deity for worship in their likeness. A […]

It was early morning when he went out into the streets. His tired eyes squinted against the first morning sun. There were few people awake. One man of the Untouchables searched the gutter for some unknown treasure. He was naked despite the cold but for a loincloth and a necklace made from human teeth. Another […]

There was an inn where people congregated like moths around the lamplight. On the ice walls hung thick drapes embroidered with abstract patterns. In the middle of the room stood a hearthstone like the one in Mistwood Glade only many times larger. The high arched ceiling was held up by multiple massive pillars carved out […]

Spots of green grass shone through the melting snow. Men walked alongside the massive beasts with hair hanging down to the frozen ground. On top of them were the huts made from skins stretched over bone and ivory, protecting the women and children. Smoke came out holes in their top. Behind the larger animals walked […]

The man rowed as sweat glistened on his brow and bare forearms. The relentless river would pull them back if they ever stopped. Only the boy was exempt from the rowing while the four other men took turns. Their oars rose toward the canopies before dipping into the brown water again with a splash. The […]

He saw four queer-looking people standing in the corner. Three men and one boy no older than fifteen. Their skin was much darker than that of the locals. Even more so than the skin of the people from the Kingdom. They wore nothing on their upper bodies and were completely hairless besides their scalps. Only […]

There was only one street in Mistwood Glade. It soared with its lifeblood like an aorta of wood. From it sprung alleys swallowed by the very houses they separated. And through them, tunnels of trampled dirt slithered like arteries from the heart of the forest. Boards were laid out on top of the gutter in […]

He saw the dirt move under the mist. Out burst a worm thick as a man and snapped in the air in the direction of the Devourer. He threw himself onto the ground. It pulled back as Its mouthparts moved in the eyeless head that turned toward him in a jerking motion. The blood pulsed […]

The canoe floated with the stream toward the outlet to the sea as he fished. No more giants were levitating above the landscape. Their eggs were long hatched and gone. He anchored where the river split into the delta and waited for the bite. The floater bobbed a little, and he sat up straight in […]

The lump is back, Itero said to the Devourer as he closed the door behind himself. Itero sat at the table, slumped over a bowl of porridge, poking it with the spoon. Are you sure, The Devourer said as he sat down opposite him. Yes. Quite sure. I’ve had it for some time. The pain […]

It was the height of summer when they walked the road to the city. The fields of rye rippled like bodies of water in the breeze before the backdrop of the sunset. The birds sang their songs of summer and hope as Itero and the Devourer went through a grove of trees outside the city […]